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Picture of me (Lloyd), with my cat (Monochrome) in his favourite location... lying on someone's shoulders.

Hi! I’m Lloyd Morgan. A 37-year-old Welsh expat, living in the Netherlands since 2010. You can find out more somewhere else.

My history

Ever since I was young, solving (British-style) crosswords and other puzzles has been one of my favourite pastimes. In late 2016, when living briefly in the US, I discovered American-stlye crosswords and my enjoyment grew and grew.

I started constructing crosswords in 2019, taking a hiatus for most of 2020 due to the overwhelming combination of a new job and having 3-year-old twins at home (thanks, Covid-19!).

My crosswords

I aim to produce crosswords that are fun for me to construct and you to solve. That typically means that I strive for fill and clues that are modern, inclusive and void of tired, overused crosswordese.


I construct using CrossFire. Thanks to Crosshare, I make my puzzles available to solve online. I also share .puz files for offline solving.


A monthly 15×15 (toward the middle of the month), with a sprinkling of minis and midis in between.