Flip it and reverse it, or: Crosswordese

This full-sized 15x puzzle is a clue/answer switch theme on some common “crosswordese”. Likely too ‘inside baseball’ for publication, I had some fun coming up with the theme entries and putting the grid together. This is certainly not the first puzzle to use this theme. Another nice example is crosswordESE by Lyle Broughton, published by …

Crossword difficulty matrix

Looking to expand your crossword-solving horizons into new areas or just curious how the various mainstream puzzle venues stack-up against each other in terms of difficulty? I made the above crossword difficulty matrix / heatmap to help. Created primarily from personal experience and with a dash of inspiration from various other sources (e.g. Steve Weyer’s …

Soprano | Rap soon | As ___

The linked 1 Across and 5 Down entries were the seeds for this quick 5×5, but I think 2 Down probably steals the show. Soprano has a nice link to all three of those entries, which is particularly nice. Please enjoy Soprano | Rap soon | As ___, today’s Daily Mini over at Crosshare.

Oh, Mitt!

This weekend is the 43rd American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (ACPT), so I suspect this will be totally missed. However, today I again have the Daily Mini over at Crosshare. As mentioned in the text, the grid exists purely for me to put 3 Down out into the wild. Enjoy my latest: Oh, Mitt!

All clogged up

Published at the end of March 2021, this grid was topical for about six days (that’s a hint!) and was a Featured Puzzle over at Crosshare. Some of my favourite clues that you’ll no-doubt see recurring in other puzzles: 7A, 1D and 6D. Please enjoy All clogged up.

Pre-existing condition

For the second day in a row, I have the Daily Mini over at Crosshare. Today, it’s a topical one that will have likely aged poorly by the time you’re reading this, called Pre-existing condition. Enjoy this 7×4 mini!